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PRP Lip Treatment

  • Lip Augmentation Using PRP-before

    Lip Augmentation Using PRP

    Treatment: (PRP) Platelet Rich Plasma and small dose Juvederm Volbella  Injections

    Description: PRP added to small dose of Juvederm Volbella was injected to upper and lower lips to improve volume and lip projection

    Time Frame: Before picture on left, 6 days post on right

    How Many Sessions: One session

    Products Used: PRP-Patients own blood spun down to extract just the platelet rich plasma and Juvederm Volbella

    Downtime: Minimal to zero social downtime, mild swelling lasting less than 12 hours, no bruising

  • Lip Augmentation using PRP-before

    Lip Augmentation using PRP

    PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma derived from your own body

    When injected into the lips, natural volume is achieved