Unwanted hair can be a nuisance for many individuals who spend time every month waxing or shaving. This can cause some people to begin exploring alternative methods for hair removal. Laser hair removal can be a good option because of its long-lasting results and low discomfort level. 

At Enriched Aesthetics in Morristown, NJ, we offer Motus AY laser hair removal treatments, which are a good option for people with light skin, people with dark skin, and everyone in between. It can help permanently reduce many different hair types from fine to thick. 

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work? 

Laser hair removal is a treatment that uses light therapy to destroy hair follicles and reduce the number of hairs in a treatment area. There are many different platforms available, and each has its own unique technology. The platform we use, called the Motus AY, offers the most inclusive treatments available today.

The Motus AY features two handpieces. The first is the Alexandrite laser, which is best suited for treating light to medium skin tones. The second is the Nd:YAG, which is suitable for treating darker skin tones. The longer wavelength of the Nd:YAG laser allows it to penetrate deeper into the skin, targeting the melanin in the hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin. The Motus AY also has Moveo technology, which allows it to be moved continuously across the skin, providing for more comfort and offering a faster treatment time.

During treatments, the handpiece is moved over the surface of the skin while a single wavelength of light is applied. This light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles. The light energy translates to heat energy, and the heat damages the hair follicle. This damage helps to prevent future hair growth in the follicle. 

Why Are Multiple Sessions Necessary? 

Whether you are having bikini laser hair removal or treatments for your legs, arms, face, or armpits, you will need to schedule multiple sessions. This is due to the nature of the technology and the growth of your hair follicles. 

Professional laser hair removal treatments target active hair follicles but aren’t able to treat hair follicles that are in dormant or regressing stages of hair growth. Because your follicles cycle through these stages of growth, you will only be able to treat a portion of your hair follicles each time you come in. 

After multiple laser hair removal sessions, you should notice a significant reduction in the hair in the treatment area. The number of sessions you will need can depend on individual factors such as hair color, hair thickness, and the size of the treatment area.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

When compared to other hair removal methods such as shaving or waxing, laser treatments can be considered a permanent hair removal solution. However, it is important to have the right expectations before having the treatment performed. While laser hair removal offers permanent hair reduction, you may still notice occasional hair growth in the area. The good news is that maintenance laser treatments can be performed to resolve any new hair growth.

What Can Impact the Laser Hair Removal Results?

Insufficient Time After Treatment

You should expect there to be some time between your laser hair removal treatment and your first results. The hairs that have been treated with laser treatments will continue to appear to grow as your body pushes them out of the damaged follicle. However, you may notice that they slough away easily.  It can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks for the treated hairs to fall out.

Incomplete Number of Treatments

During your consultation, you will work out the right number of laser hair removal services needed with your doctor. If you stop your appointments before you have had a full round of treatments, you might still have hair left in the area. Treatment plans are customizable and can be adjusted to fit the results that you are seeing. 

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes in the body can impact laser hair removal results. If your body goes through changes and you notice that your hair is starting to grow back, you can schedule a maintenance appointment. Sometimes even damaged or dormant hair follicles can reactivate during times such as pregnancy or menopause. 

Individual Genetics

A person’s individual genetics may impact the results of your laser hair removal service. Different hair colors and textures may respond differently to treatments, and certain genetics can cause more hair growth and require more treatments or more frequent maintenance appointments to adequately control. 

Maximizing the Results of Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

There are several things you can do to maximize the results of your laser hair removal treatment and benefit from longer-lasting results. The first step is to choose a clinic that offers the best hair removal technology. The Motus AY is a good choice because it offers results for a wider range of skin tones, is more comfortable than traditional laser hair removal, and can be performed faster even in a large treatment area. 

Before treatments, you should avoid tanning your skin to maximize results. You should also avoid plucking or waxing your hair as this can prevent the follicles from being treated. Finally, avoid sun exposure after treatment and follow all the aftercare instructions that we give you after your appointment. 

Laser Hair Removal Treatments for All Skin Tones

At Enriched Aesthetics, we can treat a wide variety of skin tones and hair colors with our Motus AY laser hair removal services in Morristown, NJ. We look forward to helping you get rid of unwanted hair and simplifying your routine. Call us today at (973) 241-1838 or request a professional laser hair removal consultation through our contact us page.


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