Laser Hair Reduction in Morristown, NJ

Laser Hair Reduction is a cutting-edge treatment utilizing advanced light therapy to achieve lasting hair reduction. This innovative method delivers a specific wavelength of light via a handpiece, targeting hair follicles’ melanin. This controlled heating damages the follicles, preventing further hair growth. At Enriched Aesthetics, our advanced technology, particularly the Motus AY Laser, provides virtually pain-free treatments for various skin types, including darker tones. This treatment caters to individuals seeking a permanent solution for unwanted hair and can be applied to multiple areas, such as the legs, arms, face, back, and more.

The procedure offers precise and efficient hair reduction, leaving surrounding skin undamaged with minimal discomfort during the session. Results may become noticeable after several sessions as the body naturally sheds treated hair, offering smoother skin and reducing hair growth. The long-term effectiveness varies, but this treatment is designed to reduce hair in the targeted area permanently. Book an appointment at Enriched Aesthetics in Morristown, NJ, to experience our professional laser hair reduction services.

Benefits of Laser Hair Reduction:

  • Precise targeting of hair follicles
  • Swift treatment sessions
  • Improved skin texture post-treatment
  • Versatility in treating multiple body areas
  • Virtually pain-free procedure
  • Suitable for various skin tones and hair textures
  • Enhanced comfort due to skin-cooling technology
  • Long-lasting reduction in hair growth
  • Minimal downtime and side effects
  • Use of advanced Motus AY Laser technology


Individuals seeking permanent hair reduction on various body areas. Lasers are most effective on individuals with light skin and dark hair, but technological advances have allowed people with different skin and hair types to benefit from Laser Hair Reduction.

Noticeable results can appear after several sessions as treated hair sheds naturally. It’s important to note that the exact number of sessions needed varies depending on the individual’s hair type and the area being treated.

The treatment is designed to permanently reduce hair growth, although occasional maintenance sessions may be necessary.

Minimal downtime and possible side effects include mild redness or temporary skin sensitivity.

Shave the area before sessions and avoid sun exposure for effective treatment. Post-treatment, use sunscreen and gentle skincare products while avoiding skin-irritating activities.

Quick sessions targeting hair follicles with minimal discomfort, utilizing the advanced Motus AY Laser technology.


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