According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 80% of men and almost 50% of women will experience some form of hair loss in their lives. Losing your hair can be frustrating, and few treatments can really offer the help you need. 

One option that can deliver results is platelet-rich plasma injections for hair restoration. Read more about this treatment and how we provide it at Enriched Aesthetics

What Is PRP Hair Restoration?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapies use plasma from your own blood with concentrated levels of platelets to accelerate healing and promote cell regeneration. 

PRP consists of two components: the plasma, or liquid portion of your blood, and platelets, which are blood cells that help with healing. Platelets have excellent clotting abilities and contain many growth factors for boosting tissue and cell regeneration. 

We use PRP injections to help with hair restoration. To do this, we take a small quantity of blood and run it through a centrifuge. The centrifuge separates the blood into three layers:

  • Red blood cells
  • Platelet-rich plasma
  • Platelet-poor plasma

We take the platelet-rich plasma and carefully inject it into your scalp in the areas where you would like to see hair restoration. The PRP hair restoration process works by releasing growth factors and cytokines, which help with cell division. 

Because damaged follicles are the cause of many types of hair loss, PRP can help restore hair by encouraging healing. 

At our clinic, we offer the SELPHYL process for hair restoration. This process is even more potent than traditional PRP because it creates a platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM), an ultra powerful PRP that works like a scaffold to protect the platelets. PRFM allows the platelets to keep releasing growth factors for longer. 

The best candidates for SELPHYL have working hair follicles that are either dormant or damaged. It works best if you are in the early stages of hair loss and if you are in good overall health. 

If your scalp is not in a healthy condition, you have active infections, you are pregnant, or you have hair follicle issues, you are likely not a great candidate for this option. We will help you find a hair restoration treatment better suited for your needs.

What Are the Benefits of PRP Hair Restoration?

We make PRP injections out of your own blood, so we do not use artificial substances in this hair restoration method. It is also a minimally invasive procedure that requires no downtime, allowing you to get back to your regular activities. 

Platelet-rich plasma injections use your body’s own natural healing process to stimulate hair growth. In many instances, it can also increase the thickness of hair. 

One of the important benefits of PRP injections is that they can reverse the shrinking of hair follicles, which is one of the most common causes of hair loss. 

PRP injections are also appropriate for both men and women. 

How to Prepare for PRP Hair Restoration Treatments

It all begins with a consultation. When you come to our center, we will assess your scalp and hair loss to see if you can benefit from PRP injections. We will take your full medical history and ask for a list of the medications and supplements you take. 

Avoid blood-thinning medications like ibuprofen and aspirin, as well as supplements like St. John’s wort, vitamin E, ginkgo biloba, and fish oil for at least ten days before the injections. 

Because smoking delays healing, we also recommend you stop at least three days before the procedure. The day before the treatment, don’t drink alcohol. 

The night before or the morning of the injections, wash your hair with your regular shampoo but do not use conditioner or any styling gels, creams, or sprays. 

PRP Procedure and Aftercare

On the day of the PRP hair restoration procedure, drink a good amount of water and make sure to eat a light meal or snack before coming to your appointment.

Although we don’t use an anesthetic for the procedure, we can apply a topical cooling agent before beginning. 

We will take blood from your arm, run it through the centrifuge to isolate the platelet-rich plasma, and then inject it into the treatment area. The whole process can take between 45 and 75 minutes. 

After the injections, do not touch the treated areas for at least eight hours. Avoid wetting the area or washing your hair for at least four hours. We will provide a shampoo and conditioning kit that is mild enough to use. Avoid blood-thinning medication for five days after the injections, and don’t smoke or drink alcohol for a few more days.

For two days after the injections, don’t participate in activities that make you sweat, like vigorous exercise, hot baths, or saunas. Don’t swim, and limit your sun exposure. The first week after the injections, remember to stay hydrated at all times. 

The number of treatments you will need will depend on the amount of hair loss you have and the cause of the hair loss. Most people can benefit from treatments once a month for the first three or four months, then upkeep sessions every six months. 

You can expect to see your results three to four months after your first treatment session. 

Turn to Experts in Morristown, NJ

You don’t have to live with hair loss. By turning to PRP injections, you can encourage your body to heal the issues that are causing hair loss. 

At Enriched Aesthetics in Morristown, NJ, we offer this option and many more. Request an appointment with our team today!


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