Body hair can be frustrating to deal with. From waxing to shaving to using hair removal creams, getting rid of body hair may feel like a never-ending cycle. With laser hair removal, however, that doesn’t have to be your reality anymore.

At Enriched Aesthetics, we offer permanent hair removal with lasers in Morristown, NJ. Laser hair removal treatments can give you long-term results — without the need for regular shaving or waxing. Here’s what you need to know about professional laser hair removal.

Why Body Hair Grows Back

Your skin contains small hair follicles that house your body hair. When you shave or wax it off, you remove the visible part of the hair, but the follicle remains. This causes body hair to continuously grow back — unless you get laser hair removal services.

Some say that the more you shave or wax, the faster your hair grows. For many people, this might feel true, as constantly removing body hair can be a time-consuming chore. If you want to get rid of unwanted body hair once and for all, laser hair removal treatments can provide the solution you need.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal targets hair growth at the source to produce long-lasting results. When we apply the laser to your legs, back, underarms, and other areas of hair growth, it damages the hair follicles. Over time, the damaged follicles are no longer able to grow body hair. This creates a permanent reduction of hair in your treatment areas.

How Many Treatments You Need

At any given time, your hair follicles will be at different stages of growth, such as regression or shedding. Laser hair removal targets follicles at the active stage of growth. As a result, laser hair removal services require several treatments.

Your appointments will be spaced apart to account for the different stages of growth your hair may be in. Generally, after about five or six sessions, you will see your body hair effectively and permanently reduced.

Ideal Laser Hair Removal Results

Achieving your ideal laser hair removal results involves allowing your body to go through a natural process. After just one or two treatments, you may notice a reduction in body hair growth. You will still have hair in the treatment area, and it may even appear to be still growing. But this is perfectly normal. Your body sheds the treated hair by pushing it out of the damaged follicles. This process typically takes one to two weeks after treatment.

This is why it’s important to do several laser hair removal treatment sessions in succession. We want to make sure the follicles are permanently damaged instead of temporarily inactive. We use cutting-edge science to make this happen. We know all the stages of hair growth and are able to effectively target your body hair to achieve your ideal results — even if you have fine or fair hair. Most patients see up to a 95% reduction in body hair growth after their treatments are finished.

Maintenance Sessions

In some cases, patients need to come back for yearly maintenance sessions. This is to ensure that you maintain permanent hair removal. While the majority of your body’s hair follicles are permanently destroyed after laser hair removal treatments, there’s always a chance that dormant follicles can become active.

Luckily, we make scheduling maintenance sessions convenient and simple. All you have to do is book one appointment per year if you notice regrowth.

Why Choose Professional Laser Hair Removal?

With the rise in at-home laser hair removal devices, many patients may wonder why they should choose professional laser hair removal services. There are many reasons for choosing professional services instead of at-home options:

Permanent, Effective Hair Reduction

The main reason you should choose professional laser hair removal is that at-home devices are fairly weak. You may not get the permanent hair removal you’re looking for because of the regulations placed on these devices. 

With at-home devices, you also don’t get the opinion and expertise of professionals. You might not know what to look for as far as your hair and skin type. It’s best to leave hair removal up to the professionals, so you can get the desired results.

Safe Procedures

Some at-home devices come with risks. You might burn yourself, the device could malfunction, or the instructions may not be clear. No matter your safety concerns, leaving hair removal in professional hands is the best course of action. We are highly trained and skilled at laser hair removal, and we strive to ensure all of our patients feel safe and comfortable when we do our work.

Proper Aftercare

Some laser hair removal devices that you can use at home don’t tell you what to do afterward. Your skin needs soothing and protection after laser hair removal — if you don’t take these aftercare steps, you could experience irritation or other complications.

The last thing you want is to damage your skin when you’re trying to remove body hair at home. When you visit us, we give you detailed aftercare instructions. There are no mysteries at our office — we’ll help you properly care for your skin after your treatments.

Smooth Skin

Professional laser hair removal leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft once it has fully recovered. As long as you follow post-treatment instructions, you should notice a positive difference in your skin texture.

With at-home devices, you run the risk of damaging your skin and creating poor skin texture by accident. It’s best to let us take care of your hair removal needs so that you can not only get hair-free skin but also skin that is smoother and softer than before.

Professional Laser Hair Removal in Morristown, NJ

How many sessions you need for laser removal depends on several factors, such as the stage of your hair follicles’ growth. At Enriched Aesthetics, you can enjoy personalized attention in a luxury environment. We provide highly effective laser hair removal services tailored to your specific needs and goals. Contact us to book your appointment today.


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