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Cheeks Before & After

  • Facial balancing using dermal fillers-before

    Facial balancing using dermal fillers

    Dermal filler was used, placed in the cheeks, chin, and jawline. Note lift of the cheek area eliminating the "folds" near the nose; note improved chin projection with reduced mental crease; note improved lift by corners of the mouth. 

    These corrections restore the youuthful triangle of facial balancing while maintaining a natural look,  which is highly desired. 

  • Filler Augmentation-before

    Filler Augmentation

    Time Frame: Immediately after

    Treatment:  Cheeks, chin, jawline

    Product Used: Juvederm Voluma

  • Frontal view B&A filler-before

    Frontal view B&A filler

  • -before

    Improved Chin Projection/Cheek Height

  • Before & After Cheek & Chin Augmentation-before

    Before & After Cheek & Chin Augmentation

  • Before & After 1-Syringe Filler per Cheek-before

    Before & After 1-Syringe Filler per Cheek

  • After 1-Syringe Dermal Filler per Cheek-before

    After 1-Syringe Dermal Filler per Cheek